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Soudal Industry Range

Soudal Industry Range


Soudaflex 611 - A standard skin time, performance Polyurethane PU sealant and adhesive for vehicle manufacture and repair. With a 35 Shore A hardness, 611 is highly elastic with a long open time (45 min skin formation). Foil packs of 600ml only in both Black and White.

Soudaflex 620 - A fast skinning Polyurethane PU sealant and adhesive for vehicle manufacture and repair. It has a Shore A hardness of 40 but with a 15 min skin formation time so very quick. In 300ml cartridges in Black and White, and 600ml foil packs in Black, White and Grey.

Soudaflex 622 - A slower skinning Polyurethane PU sealant and adhesive for vehicle manufacture and repair, more aimed at catering trucks and fast food trailers as it is an FDA approved food grade product. 622 is a thicker bodied product with low stringing so is neater and easier to apply. It has a Shore A hardness of 50 so firmer than normal, and with a long open of up to 50 mins. In 300ml cartridges and 600ml foils in both Black and White.

Hybrid Polymers

Soudaseal 605 - A hybrid sealant and adhesive with a high initial grab and fast strength build up for use as a general bonder in the automotive industry. 600ml foil packs in White only.

Soudaseal 640 - A hybrid sealant and adhesive with a fast skin time, fast strength build up, and highly elastic. 600ml foil packs in Black and White.

Soudaseal 645 - A general purpose economical hybrid sealant, for general use. 47 Shore A in 600ml foils in Black, White or Grey.

Soudaseal 648 FC - A high shore (circa 90) very firm, FDA food safe sealant mainly used to seal and bond interior joints in food vehicles and food storage/display cases. 600ml foil pack in RAL7030 only.

Soudaseal 650 HT - A high tack, high strength with a very fast skin time and high shore (60) for more demanding applications.

Soudaseal 655 FF - A very fast and highly flexible hybrid sealant with a 5 minute skin time and fast through cure. Very strong bond. 600ml foils Black only. Shore A 45.

Soudaseal 658 GB - A fast skin time firmer bonding hybrid (Shore 55) with a high strength, for general bonding. 600ml foil in Black only.

Soudaseal 660 - A universal bonder sealer with a high strength in 600ml foils, Black or White.

Soudaseal 660 LOT - A variation of 660 with a very long open time for areas which take time to assemble. Skin time around 60 minutes.

Soudaseal 675 HR - A very high temperature hybrid for bonding metals. Firm bond with a Shore A 65, and can be powder coated for a maximum of 30 minutes at 200°C. Very fast skin time, fast grab and fast strength build up. 600ml foils in White only.

Soudaseal 680 - A standard skin time, very high bond strength hybrid for plastic bonding (not for polyolefins). 600ml foils in Black or White.

Soudaseal 690DG - A primerless Direct Glazing adhesive for window bonding in vehicles. 600ml foils in Black only.

Soudaseal MS Seam Sealer - A sprayable hybrid for general seam sealing.


Soudaseal PIB - A non setting Polyisobutene (butyl) ‘dab off’ sealant for overlap joints and sealing of rubber/glass joints on vehicles. PIB can be dabbed off with a piece of the sealant for ease of cleaning over application. 310ml cartridge in Black, or 600ml foil in Black or White

The Soudal Industry Range is currently only available to trade account customers. Please contact us for more details.

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