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Private Labelling!!

We are able to offer private labelling on a large range of our products, including...

  • Aerosol spray adhesives.
  • Canister spray adhesives (Web Tack).
  • Colour matched silicone.
  • Contact adhesives.
  • Hygienic cladding adhesives.
  • Pipe cement.
  • Sealants including Polyurethanes, MS Polymers and Silicones.
  • Solvents (Acetone, MEK, IPA, Toluene, etc)
  • Superglues (including Mitre Kits).
  • Threadlockers, Studlockers and other anaerobic products.

    We can supply labelled products and safety datasheets that are fully compliant with current regulations. If you are a reseller and are interested in having your own livery printed on adhesive products please contact us for more details.

  • Trade Grade Products is a member of the British Adhesives and Sealants Acssociation. Find us on Facebook
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