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Web Tack ® 500ml

Web Tack ® 500ml

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Web Tack ® aerosol adhesive bonds to a wide variety of materials giving rapid bond formation and is economical in use. It has a much higher temperature resistance than most aerosol adhesives. 90°C and up to 100°C for low stress applications.

  • High Performance Adhesive.
  • High Heat resistance.
  • Fast Tack.
  • Foaming formula for low soak in.
  • Economical in use.
  • Variable spray.

    Web Tack ® Aerosol bonds a wide variety of substrates including timber and timber based materials, HP laminates, composites, concrete, stone, tiles, many rubbers, most foams, metals, rigid plastics, polyethylene, canvas fabrics, cardboard, carpet and cork.

    Web Tack ® is ideal for fixing polyethylene sheeting for enclosures prior to asbestos removal, for fixing thermal insulation and for packaging applications such as palletising or case sealing. It may be used for foam bonding, upholstery, *automotive carpets and trim and is useful for temporary bonding instead of double sided tapes.

    * Not suitable for use with unsupported plasticised PVC (Vinyl) or expanded polystyrene.

    Technical Datasheet
    Safety Datasheet

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