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TEC430 43mm Slugs

TEC430 43mm Slugs

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TECBOND 430 is a sprayable hot melt adhesive in 43mm slug format, with a very long open time. Once applied TECBOND 430 will provide an aggressive adhesive coating for up to 6 minutes, after this the adhesive sets to produce a tough resilient bond. TECBOND 430 can also be applied in bead and dot form. In this form it can be used as a long open time, product assembly adhesive with excellent adhesion to most plastics.

Suitable for use on plastics, foams, wood and cardboard.

  • Colour - Tan (light brown)
  • Slugs per kilo - 18 (approx)
  • Suggested application temp - 180°C
  • Softening point - 105°C
  • Heat resistance - 80°C
  • Open time - Up to 6 minutes
  • Molten tack - Medium
  • Low temp flexibility - -14°C

    TECBOND 430-43 requires a 43mm slug applicator gun such as the TEC6100 or TEC7100 extrusion applicators or TEC6300 and TEC7300 spray applicators.

    Supplied in 10Kg & 2Kg boxes.
    2Kg boxes contain 32 x 43mm slugs.

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