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TEC420 43mm Slugs

TEC420 43mm Slugs

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TECBOND 420 is a high performance, extended open time adhesive primarily formulated for spraying. When sprayed TECBOND 420 can be used for bonding packaging foams, bubble film, vacuum foamed mouldings, upholstery foams, cotton-backed vinyl and many other fabrics.

When applied in bead or dot form good bonds can be achieved on most plastics. Bonds can also be achieved on polypropylene such as 'Corex' when the adhesive is applied at over 390°F, however care must be taken not to leave the equipment on unused at these high temperatures to avoid adhesive melt back.

  • Colour - Tan (light brown)
  • Slugs per kilo - 18 (approx)
  • Suggested application temp - 180-195°C
  • Softening point - 105°C
  • Heat resistance - 90°C
  • Open time - Up to 3 minutes
  • Molten tack - Medium
  • Low temp flexibility - -13°C

    TECBOND 420-43 requires a 43mm slug applicator gun such as the TEC6100 or TEC7100 extrusion applicators or TEC6300 and TEC7300 spray applicators.

    Supplied in 10Kg & 2Kg boxes.
    2Kg boxes contain 35 x 43mm slugs.

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