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Tradegrip Hypabond 2

Tradegrip Hypabond 2

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Tradegrip HypaBond 2 is a quality, high performance neoprene adhesive. It can be used as either a single or two part adhesive depending on the materials to be bonded and the bond strengths required. It was developed primarily for use with Tradecure 100 HB curing agent to bond a range of rubbers and rubber coated fabrics (e.g. neoprene, hypalon, natural rubber, etc.) in inflatable constructions such as life rafts, dinghies, high-speed inflatable RIBs, etc. It may also be used in the manufacture of dry and wet suits for the bonding of rubber or nylon coated fabrics to themselves.

Hypa Bond may also be used as a single component adhesive in many general purpose applications for bonding materials such as Formica, Melamine and laminates to woods, metals, etc.

Not suitable for bonding plasticised PVC (unless the substrate is first primed with Tradegrip PVC) or expanded polystyrene.

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Safety Datasheet (Curing Agent)

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