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Aerolite UP4145 One Shot Powder 25Kg

Aerolite UP4145 One Shot Powder 25Kg

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Aerolite UP 4145 is a 'one shot' urea powder adhesive, which is ready to use by simply adding water and mixing. Used for both industrial use as well as for smaller bonding operations. It is especially suitable for joinery, cabinetwork and assembly gluing, when only small amounts of glue mix are needed per job, or when demand is such that the use of a liquid adhesive is uneconomic.

Bonds obtained with Aerolite UP 4145 are of durability class C3 according to EN12765.

The setting time of Aerolite UP 4145 is fast, but will allow adequate working life for common applications using hot and cold pressing techniques.


Use a dry, preferably non-metallic container. Add water to the powder gradually, stirring to ensure the powder is evenly mixed throughout. Continue to stir until the solution is free from any lumps. The mixed adhesive is then ready for use.

To ensure that a consistent glue mix with the correct properties is obtained, mixing by weight is strongly recommended. Addition of too much water will seriously reduce the rate of setting and the gluing properties, particularly at low temperatures.

Pot Life of mixed adhesive at given temperatures

Apply glue mix thinly to one surface. The joints should be assembled whilst the glue line is still moist and good contact can be assured. Clamping pressure should be applied as soon as possible after assembly, especially at higher temperatures.

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