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DeLam TX
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DeLam TX

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DeLam TX is the one and only thixotropic (non-drip) epoxy resin floor delamination repair system for the professional caravan repairer. Developed for injection from the underside of the caravan, DeLam TX eliminates the need to spend time removing furniture and fittings from inside the caravan / motorhome and negates the need to drill into any bonded floor coverings, saving the engineering time and energy!

DeLam TX is solvent free and safe on polystyrene. It can also be used to re-bond floors and walls in caravans, commercial vehicles and motorhomes, as well as portable and relocatable buildings.

Kit comes with application gun, resin, cleaner, bungs, injection hoses, and full instructions. DeLam TX only moves under pressure, so will stay where you put it.

1.2Kg Kits

This product was designed for professional caravan repairers who are repairing floor delamination on a regular basis. The re-usable application gun can make the system uneconomical for one off DIY repairs. DeLam TX is injected from the underside of the caravan / motorhome floor. Clear access to the underside of the vehicle is required using pits or ramps. For DIY repairs we strongly recommend using Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro.

Instructions Sheet
Instructions Sheet - Heavy Duty Repairs
Technical Datasheet
Part A Safety Datasheet
Part B Safety Datasheet

Please Note:
Although we sell hundreds of delaminations kits each year; we are adhesive specialists and not caravan repairers and can only offer general advice on repairing your caravan. If you have any concerns regarding the repair of your caravan we strongly recommend you consult a qualified repairer prior to undertaking any work yourself.

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