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Tradegrip SAF88 1L

Tradegrip SAF88 1L

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Tradegrip SAF88 is a medium viscosity, nitrile based contact adhesive, which has been developed for bonding soft plasticised PVC and polyurethane materials to each other and to metals.

The adhesive can also be used a general purpose contact adhesive for bonding wood, felt and many other substrates.

The dried adhesive film is highly resistant to oil and grease.

  • Consistency - Medium viscosity liquid
  • Specific gravity - 0.850
  • Open time - Between 1 and 10 minutes depending on conditions
  • Heat resistance - Up to 60°C
  • Coverage - 1.5 to 2.5 m2 per litre

    T-Peel Adhesion Test
    Cloth-backed leather to Cloth-backed leather - > 50N / 50mm
    Polyamide to Cloth-backed leather - > 120N / 50mm

    Application Notes
    All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of any contaminants liable to impair adhesion.

    1. Stir before use. Using a brush or spreader, apply a thin even coating of adhesive to both of the surfaces to be bonded.
    2. Allow adequate time for the adhesive film to become touch dry. This should be between 1 and 10 minutes after application of adhesive. The drying time will change depending on the temperature, humidity and the absorbency of the materials.
    3. Bond the substrates under firm pressure.
    4. Dried coatings of SAF88 may be reactivated by wiping over the surfaces with Tradesolve 4 (Acetone).

    The immediate bond strength is good but increases appreciably within the next 48 hours and will develop still further in service. For the best heat resistance, leave at room temperature for 7 days, before subjecting to high in-service temperatures up to 60°C.

    Technical Datasheet
    Safety Datasheet

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