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Tradegrip SAF20 5 Litre

Tradegrip SAF20 5 Litre

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Tradegrip SAF20 is a solvent based contact adhesive with high initial grab which can be easily applied by brush or spreader; the resultant bonds give excellent bond strength, high shear strength and good temperature resistance.

Tradegrip SAF20 is a general purpose, contact adhesive particularly suitable for bonding plastic laminates and other rigid plastics (excluding polyethylene & polypropylene) on particle board, MDF, woods, metals and all types of board with the exception of bituminous materials.

Tradegrip SAF20 may also be used to bond boards of insulating and cane fibre, rigid polyurethane foam, laminated panels and acoustic tiles to suspended or vertical surfaces such as flat surfaced ceilings or walls. Most types of rigid plastic nosings and covings may also be bonded.

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    Tradegrip SAF20 is intended for interior use. It is not suitable for use with expanded polystyrene foam and is also unsuitable for use where only point contact is obtainable between the surfaces to be bonded.

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