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Condabond Plastic Repair Compound White/Black 25ml

Condabond Plastic Repair Compound White/Black 25ml

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Condabond is an MMA based plastic repair compound in white and black, formulated for the repair of cracks in bumpers and other plastics commonly used in caravans, motorhomes and commercial vehicles. The powerful methacrylate adhesive can also be used for structural bonding of many plastics, composites, metals, ceramics and many other substrates in sign making, vehicle building and repair, and general fabrication; and it's resistance to impact makes it ideal for bonding magnets.

Condabond is a two part 'A&B' component system which, when mixed via a static mixer nozzle, cures to a solid material but remains soft enough that it can be filed or sanded down, and is over-paintable.

The product is supplied in a 25ml hand held syringe that does not require an applicator gun for use. A 2-hole mixer nozzle is supplied with each syringe. Additional 2-hole nozzles are also available.

Instructions for use.

1. Ground out the crack into a bowl shape as in Figure 2, then key the surface of the joint with a 60 or 40 grit sand paper.
2. Using a soft, lint free cloth wipe the surface to be bonded with TGP Adhesion Promoter. Allow to flash off, then apply Condabond immediately to the prepared surface. For best results use on clean, dry substrates between +15°C and +20°C.

3. Remove the cartridge cap and level the pistons by dispensing a small amount of material, before attaching the mixing nozzle. Once the nozzle is attached, dispense a small amount until a uniform colour is evident. Then apply the mixed adhesive to the prepared substrate and fill joint until slightly proud of the surface (see Figure 3).

It is best to fill the entire joint to give best flexural strength. If any of the crack is visible from the other side, turn plastic over and inject to fill as much as possible.

When cured, Condabond can be sanded and finished in the same way as plastics.
(use primers* and paints usually used with plastics.)

The cartridge can be re-sealed if only partly used by removing the mixing nozzle, cleaning the two cartridge openings and replacing the cartridge cap.

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