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Tuskbond Vinyl Spray 500ml

Tuskbond Vinyl Spray 500ml

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Tuskbond V15 Vinyl Adhesive is a sprayable, plasticiser resistant, acrylic adhesive which has a variety of uses including fixing vinyl sheets and floor covering. It has a synthetic polymer solution blended with an LPG propellant to give an easy spray aerosol.

  • Fast, Easy application.
  • Uniform spray pattern.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Long open time.
  • Bonds a wide variety of substrates.

    Directions for use.
    Use in a well ventilated are. Shake well before use. To prevent nozzle from blocking, at the end of each use turn the can upside down and press nozzle until spray is clear of adhesive.

    Spray adhesive from 6 to 8 inches away onto one or both surfaces. For one-way applications; let the adhesive dry for 30 seconds until tacky, and press into position. For two-way applications; spray both surfaces and allow to dry for 2-5 minutes before bonding. For temporary bonding; spray only one surface and allow to dry for 2-5 minutes before bonding. Excess adhesive can be cleaned with a solvent cleaner or white spirit.

    Do not use on expanded polystyrene.

    Technical Datasheet
    Safety Datasheet

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