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Fast Fix 7 (KIT)

Fast Fix 7 (KIT)

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Fast Fix 7 works in the same way as the 'baking soda and superglue trick' and cures in 7 seconds to repair splits, holes and other damage to wood, steel, carbon fibre, most plastics, aluminium, ceramics and much more. The system comprises a medium viscosity cyanoacrylate ester (a.k.a. superglue, CA glue, crazy glue) and a reinforcing powder blended from calcium carbonate, aluminium oxide and silicone carbide. The powder not only works as a passive filler providing strength; but also acts as a catalyser; forcing rapid polymerisation of the superglue, creating a very solid mass in just a few seconds.

The kit comes with

  • 2 x 10ml Instant Adhesive
  • 1 x Grey and 1 x Black reinforcing powder
  • Application tools including a glove, razor blade, spatula, fine extension applicator, and pin for resealing adhesive.

    General Instructions
    Powder or adhesive can be applied in any order depending on the application. Once cured (in just a few seconds) the solid mass created can be filed, drilled or sanded.

    For repairing cracks: Apply powder to the repair area and then apply superglue drop-wise until the powder has soaked up enough glue. Add more powder and glue in small layers as required to build up the repair area. When repairing plastic panels where a piece has snapped off, use superglue first to reattach the broken piece then apply powder and glue in layers to the underside to provide strength whilst keeping the glue line clean on the visible side.

    For filling wood knots and large holes: Apply tape to one side of the wood to seal the knot hole, then from the other side apply powder and superglue in layers ensuring each powder layer is completely coated in glue. When filling large holes or voids it is recommended to build up the edges of the fill area first and move towards the centre to ensure enough adhesive can reach the centre of the mass.

    Fast Fix 7 is also particularly suitable for joining 3D printed projects which are printed in sections using PLA or ABS plastics.

    Safety Datasheet - Liquid
    Safety Datasheet - Powder

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